Wednesday, August 27, 2008

14 week belly shot.

Now, to clarify. This is at about 11PM of a long day wherein there was some overeating...but it looked like a real belly, so here 'tis:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tour d'Oregon

Marc, Andy, ? and I just got back from our week-long road trip to Oregon, and it was so much fun! Andy seen here, is playing in the Sprague River.

Me, hanging out with ?, at a canyon near Crater Lake.

The Pinnacles near Crater Lake.

Sat. morning, mom and I did the 10K portion of the Crater Lake Marathon.

Mom at the Crater Lake Lodge.

Here I am at the Crater Lake Lodge. Most beautiful day EVAR.


Mom & Dad

Now at Diamond Lake, Marc & Andy brave the cold water.

After swimming, Andy does his job as the official wierdo and cuddles with Marc.

Now, we're at Mom & Dad's in Roseburg. Andy has a bit of trouble getting used to the flooring.

Touring some Umpqua Valley Wineries while in the area.

A visit to Andrew's gravesite, Andy the dog knows exactly where it is.

My favourite vineyard of the trip, Abacela, a spanish style winery with all spanish varietals.

We finally get to Bandon, where Andy plays in the surf like he never left.

A sweet bike we saw at Sixes, Oregon. They drove it from New York!

The lighthouse at Sixes. The western most point of the continental US.

Last night camping on the McKenzie River. Enjoying some yummy soup, a hot fire, and my dog.

My nieces.

I must post these adorable pix of these beautiful girls. Here is Allie Brooke, my sister Lindsay's daughter. She's 2 years old and loves her goggles. She even wears them when I see her on video cam.

This is Lily Lou at 2 months old. Lindsay's other daughter.

This little angel is Mayumi Aziza, my other sister Hilary's daughter, also 2 months old. I get to meet her for the first time in October. Stay tuned for lots of pix.

This is my sister-in-law Heidi's daughter, Sydney. Her twin brother will be featured in my 'nephew's post'. She is a sweetheart.

Here is an honorary niece, the granddaughter of my dear friend Terry. Olivia who is one year old this week. Her mother is Paige.

Yet another honorary niece, Sierra, daughter of my friend Michelle (Nicole's sister). AWWWW.

There will be a post soon of the real & honorary nephews. Stay tuned.


My latest tapestry is finished! It's a gift for my dear friends Erik & Stephanie who got married in May. The pattern was made from a photo that Erik took. It's of Temple Mountain in the San Rafael Swell, Southern Utah. They have no idea I was working on this, and I can't wait to suprise them. The framing turned out AWESOME, done by Solstice here in SLC.

Some kind of closeup, but still hard to see:

It was done on 18 pt. fabric with 130 colours.

Catching Up...The News!

I hereby now promise to keep up with my blog. As of two months ago, I no longer have even one sister nearby, and since they are both so diligent with their blogs, I will attempt to do the same.

I will also have a lot to post about in the future, as there has been a development:

As of today, the bambino is about 14 weeks and 4 days old. Due date is February 20th. We're going to find out the gender in a few weeks, stay tuned for that announcement. Yes, we have full names picked out for either option, but we'll wait to share that after the birth. (One has to have some suprise in life, doens't one?)

Here are the first 3 ultrasounds. 6 weeks:

9 Weeks:

12 Weeks: